10,000 bc: the geology of morals (who does the earth think it is?)

it is a question of speed, and speed is a differential

[i spend much of my work day reading different things on the internet.  it turns out that many of the books i’m interested in reading appear in different locations online.  but the differences between reading a physical book and a scanned copy of a book in a pdf file are many.  regardless, i’ll occasionally post notes of books i read online.]

it starts with a cute picture of a lobster . . . a double articulation

further on: “God is a Lobster, or a double pincer, a double bind.”

matter: the plane of consistency or body without organs . . . the unformed, unorganized, nonstratified, or destratified body and all its flows. content is formed matter with two points of view: (1) substance are matters “chosen”, while (2) form is matters chosen in a certain order. [i have no idea what that means or what the difference could be.] expression is the name for functional structures and “to express is always to sing the glory of God.” everything is stratified — plants and animals, orchids and wasps, rocks and rivers — and every stratum is a judgment of god. but remember: god is a double articulation (or god articulates in double), “the first articulation concerns content, the second expression.”

but every articulation is always double.  so the articulation of content is double, as is the articulation of expression. so content and expression “are defined only by their mutual  solidarity, and neither of them can be identified otherwise.”

then an argument about forms and types and types of forms in a pupper theater. . . “we’re a little lost now.”

we are too.

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