persuasion chapters 13 and 14

“a new sort of way this, for a young fellow to be making love, by breaking his mistress’s head!”

two days after returning from lyme, two days after the accident, anne must leave uppercross.  lady russell arrival reminds anne of her move to bath; buried under the concerns of uppercross, “she had lately lost thought even of her father and her sister and Bath.”  i too, as a reader, am guilty of forgetting about of the (im)pending move to bath . . . but, in my defense, “scenes [in the book] had passed in Uppercross, which made it precious.”

anne, accompanied by lady russell, spends one last (informal) dinner at the musgroves.  mary and charles have just returned with news from lyme: louisa is slowly recovering and captain benwick has, in the opinion of charles, a serious crush on anne.  mary strongly disagrees.  possibly because mary has a crush on captain benwick?  when describing her time at lyme, mary absentmindedly mentions getting “books from the library and chang[ing] them so often.”  and, don’t forget, captain benwick’s “head is full of books.”  could mary’s sudden interest in a variety of books stem from an even stronger interest in captain benwick?

the dinner party is not quite up to lady russell’s standards:

“i hope i shall remember, in the future,” said Lady Russell as soon as they were seated in the carriage, “not to call at Uppercross in the Christmas holidays.”

. . .  i hope i shall remember, in the future, as well.

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