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by karl marx

the eighteenth brumaire of louis bonaparte opening two sentences


all these books seem to overlap, intersect . . . inter-text.  for some reason, as i read persuasion, i keep trying to remember that line where marx says hegel said that all world-events happen twice:

hegel remarks somewhere that all great, world historical facts and personages occur, as it where, twice.  he has forgotten to mention to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.

marx covers up the location of hegel’s remark—the specific book and page number—with this somewhere, introducing a gap between the physical location of the words in a book that marx somewhere read and those words inhabiting marx’s reflections.  it’s through this blurring off the lines . . . it’s not exactly here or there, but somewhere . . . it’s this gap that allows space for marx to add to the words with words of his own.  it seems hegel’s original remarks have, as it were, reproduced.  as marx notes in his addition where he separates the two events into tragedy and farce: this double is not a duplicate .

so maybe words (re)produce other words through their readers/writers.  or maybe the words inter-act with each other through readers/writers and it’s through this inter-action that words multiply . . .  and these words multiply and inter-act in all sorts of unexpected directions.  for instance: persuasion and the eighteenth brumaire of louis bonaparte remind me of each other . . . but most of those reminders, those traces between the two, seem hidden.  so instead i just wander around the pages, stopping and looking at whatever words, or series of words, catch my eye . . .